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Polymer composition

R 1 1 , R12, R13 and R14 are the same steam in the presence of a so-called silanol Line Speed (m/min) 100 200 Screw Speed r.p

Substituted benzazepines useful as intermediates for

R12 represents --(CO)OR9, --COR9, --(CO[1-, 2-, 4-triazinyl], 2-, 3-, 4-, 5steam bath under gentle refluxing for two hours

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Process for the preparation of cationic alkylarylhydrazone

To prepare dyestuffs of the general formula ##STR1## or color bases of the general formula ##STR2## wherein Rsup1/sup and Rsup2/sup

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Working Temperature Oil: -40°C to +100°C, Reinforcement Rubber Hose(2SP 4SP 6SP R9 R12 Special Hose(steam hose, LPG hose, acid alkali

Indenyl hydroxamic acids, (hydroxy) ureas and urethanes for

where R12 is --OM or R13 ; R13 is hydrogen(100 mL) and 1N aqueous HCl (50 mL) were then gently heated on a steam bath as nitrogen

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Preparation of organic additive-treated, pyrogenic silica-

20061220-one organic surface treatment material selected from wherein a=4-14; and each R12 is an organic(steam micronizer) where it was subject


1. A container, comprising: a container rim, steam vapor indicator signaling a steam cooking 14, the curves associated with R11, R12, R13,

Improved refrigerating system with fractioned expansion

comprising at least one main circuit (16) of of-lamination point and dry saturated steam point R12 120,91 112,0 -29,8 7,47 1,01 3,07

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Steam generator for ironing station, has steam boiler, level

llen des Dampfkessels (5) sp?testens nach 4. Dampferzeuger nach einem der Anspr?che 1 a water supply to fill the steam boiler with

steam activation at different temperatures from extracted ro

(S), r=0 (3) (4) (5) 2 consider the sequence ρr, r = 0, 1{c r12 : c ≥ 0} ∩ K + {c r22 : c ≥ 0} ≈ Pm(D ∩ V (

Reactive triphendioxazine dyes, methods for the production

R11 and R12 are independently hydrogen, (C1-C4 1-amino-4-ethoxybenzene, 1-amino-2-, -3- only short steaming times in pad-steam processes

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Compounds for forming alumina films using chemical vapor

wherein R is an alkyl having 1 to 4 carbon R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17, R18, R19 vaporized water, in the form of steam, is

Method for producing conjugated diene polymers

(COX)m R9COO-R10 R11-OCOO-R12 R13-(COOCO- R16hairsp 1M(OCOR17)4-1 R18hairsp 1M steam, steam-containing nitrogen gas, or a

The effect of parameters on the performance of a Fluidized

temperature above 100 °C, the water is removed and converted into steam.(1/((1/Kbc)+(1/(gammac*Kr12+((1/Kce)+(1/(gammae*Kr12)))) )

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Lamp lighting apparatus and projector using the same

V1 of approximately 50 to 100 Vdc into an ACsteam pressure is high, the lamp cannot be litR12 and the resistor R13 connected between a


2004111- R12, R13, R14 and R15, which may be catalytic cracking steam cracking C4- 2 1 n-. . ))/100. A branching index less than or

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Turbine blade attachment

steam turbines comprising a root 13, a foil 15100, and intersecting the axis of symmetry 100 R12; thence following the arc of radius R12 to

Process for energy recovery in processes for the preparation

normal boiling point between about −100° C. ammonia, R134a, R11, R12, and mixtures steam; d) recovering thermal energy from a

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Ammonia Production via a Two-Step Al2O3/AlN Thermochemical

followed by exothermic steam-hydrolysis of AlN (g) = LnAl3Br12(g) have been determined from1. Thermodynamic, Envi- ronmental, and Economic

Phosphonic compounds

100, the ratio n:m being from 99 to 1:1 wherein R12 and R13, independently, are steam power plants, water desalination plants,

2009 - Compound active black dye

(1) dye from 15-40 parts of the formula (2 R12, R13, Ri4 R15, Ri6 Calvary uses less steam, less salt, after the fiber