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201481-Additionally, nanoaluminums high specific surface impulse due to a substantially reduced agglomerate (aluminum/polytetrafluoroethylen

dielectric covered rod-plane air gaps under impulse voltages

High Voltage EngineeringImpulse voltagesSurface corona development in short rod-occurs at significantly lower applied field for the PTFE than epoxy resin

CiNii Articles - accelerating voltage of ions

Ion Energy Dependence of Peel Strength of PTFE Numerical Simulation of High Specific Impulse Ionshows that an increase of time and accelerating

Over riding chamber impulse average weapon

A recoil-operated, impulse averaging, air-cooled, magazine-fed, automatic weapon. An operating group of the weapon includes a chamber, a bolt, a barrel


aluminum increases theoretical specific impulse (PTFE) or poly(carbon monofluoride) (PMF)) Safety testing shows these particles have high

Microwave antenna for a fill level measuring device

sealed with an hydrofluoric acid (HF)-permeable disc (6) made of PTFE. reflektierten Radarimpulses empfangen, um hieraus den Füllstand zu be

contacts on flashover characteristics of alumina and PTFE

optical and electrical signals, the flashover phenomena along alumina ceramics and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) are investigated under impulse voltage in va

Colloid emitters in photostructurable polymer technology:

propellant in order to generate high specific impulse in a colloid emitter.PTFE in order to optimize the wetting behavior between the liquid propellant

Performance Evaluation and Optimization of a Pulsed Plasma

PTFE, utilization in a ablative PPT, and the ability to be fed into theEach propellant’s performance is evaluated in terms of impulse bit, mass

in Compressed SF6-N2 Gaseous Medium under Impulse Voltage Ex

Spacer Materials in Compressed SF6-N2 Gaseous Medium under Impulse Voltage The following spacer materials, viz., teflon (PTFE), perspex (PMMA),

An experimental and theoretical study towards performance

(PTFE or Teflon), during discharge correlates high-vacuum facility designed, constructed, and while predictions for impulse-bit were in

Energetic Powder Mixtures for Pressure Impulse Generation

Energetic Powder Mixtures for Pressure Impulse it is required to generate high pressure peaks Al/Bi2O3 and MoO3) and micron-sized PTFE

Diagnostic methods for self-healing cables

200939- Impulse dielectric test 6.5 kilovolts (peak), vacuum) conductors (e.g., transfer tubing), (PTFE)=1.4; Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene

Total impulse improvement of coaxial pulsed plasma thruster

200838-Total impulse improvement of coaxial pulsed plasma thruster for small satelliteA PPT with coaxial electrode and PTFE cavity has been cons

brake shoe teflon treated (2) 803186 :: Serpent Impulse-

Home Serpent Serpent Impulse-705-710-720-835-Impact parts Serpent brake shoe teflon treated (2) 803186 Printable version

The effect of dielectric covers on impulse behaviour of non-

varied between 2.5 and 15 cm, standard lightning and switching impulses were applied to the rod and the dielectric cover was made of PTFE or epoxy

Instrument for applying vibrations to the human body

2008620- to a high impulse transmission from the ram to FIG. 1 shows an instrument for applying Instead of a disk made of PEEK or PTFE, which

Impulse corona inception in dielectric covered rod-plane air

applied impulse voltage and by the cover material, namely PTFE and epoxy High Voltage Laboratory, School of Electrical Computer Engineering, Faculty

Performance Characteristics of Low‐Power Laser Ablative

and then produced small powders and/or gas particles with high energy areImpulse bit and mass loss were measured. As polymer propellants, PTFE,

Altered Combustion Characteristics of Aluminum Fuels through

Aluminum inclusions have been widely used to increase the specific impulse of solid rocket propellant. However, issues arise with the addition of aluminum


high power impulse magnetron sputtering of one or more metal targets, the entre 5 et 20% en poids de PTFE par rapport au poids total du substrat

Anlage zum Lackieren von Gegenst?nden

mindestens einen regenerierbaren Filters (146) durch Druckluftimpulse umfasst. dass die Filterelemente 154 aus einem Vliesstoff mit einer PTFE-

PTFE Membrane Impulse Filter in High Efficient

Charge mechanisms for PTFE spacer service under DC and lightning impulse voltage in SF₆No abstract availableZhuFang《University of Strathclyde》

ground-penetrating radar system using impulse radiating

The next table shows some examples of high-(r t) ¡ Main pulse: impulse E,z (r t)Finally a 100 Q flexible cable with a PTFE

flexible steel wire braided teflon metal hose/PTFE metal hose

flexible steel wire braided teflon metal hose/PTFE metal hose, You can get more details about Transparent Teflon Hose,High quality china sae100r14

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PTFE film is also not optically clear. Optical such as to avoid high temperature brittleness, The tubing is heat sealed by impulse heating to

Devices and methods for parahydrogen induced polarization

polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tubing carrying the current flow after a disruptive impulse measured stages and linked with high morbidity and